How Do You Call a 1800 Number From Mexico

How Do You Call an 1800 Number From Mexico?

Mexico does not allow toll-free phone numbers outside of Mexico. International long-distance charges are applicable when calling Mexico’s toll-free number from the United States. There is no guarantee that the person answering will speak English. Mexican businesses catering to Americans usually offer U.S. calling codes with English-speaking operators. Mexico’s country code, 52, 210 area code, 215 area code,011, while 011 is the number to dial outside the U.S. The call may fail to go through. International long-distance charges are applicable. A call can also be made to an international operator by calling your Call Nation .

Purchase a prepaid phone card. Pre-paid phone card for Mexico is often sold at U.S. grocery stores, stationery shops, drugstores, gas stations, and supermarkets. A  phone card will give you about two hours of free airtime. The phone card must be activated. You will need to dial the toll-free number. You will lose time with every call, and there’s no guarantee of successful connections.

Types of Call an 1800 Number From Mexico

You can check with the Mexican company to verify if it has a U.S.-based phone number. Dial  and enter the local number. Ajoxi has a minimum of a local number and a U.S. one for major business and commercial establishments, such as airlines and hotels.

To dial an international call from Mexico to the United States and Canada, dial the following prefixes: 001, followed closely by the area codes (three-digits), as well as the phone number (9-digits). There is no difference when dialing a phone number from a landline to a cell.

The price of your plan will determine the cost. Callers will pay for the call in all cases. In the US, Canada, and other countries, the caller may pay to receive it. Our contract charges pesos plus an IVA per call from our Telcel Mexico cell telephone to a United States mobile number. Amigo plans charge to  per min for the same call. you can also read our blog about Indonesia Number.

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