How To Dial Toll Free Numbers From Mexico

Dial Toll-Free Numbers From Mexico

If you are used to dialing toll-free to call your travel agent, credit company, or other businesses from the United States, you might be shocked to learn that you can’t always get those calls free from other countries, even from close neighbors like Mexico. There are several ways to get your call through, although they won’t always cost you.

Dial the International Exit Code. Some businesses might accept international forwarding or invest in a Universal International Freephone Number. This is a toll-free number that works in all countries. In such cases, you only need to dial 00 (international exit code for Mexico), followed by the toll-free prefix and seven-digit number. However, you may be charged fees for calling an international number, toll-free or toll-free or area code 302 area code,303 area code. Please check the fine print in your hotel or with your Call Nation to make sure.

About Dial Toll-Free Numbers From Mexico

International access may be available for airlines, large hotel chains, and other companies doing a lot of international business. The listing can be found on the company’s website. Better yet, you can call the company ahead of your trip to get access numbers. Although it might not be free of charge, the call will go through. Some companies will allow you to make international calls.


You can dial almost every U.S. Toll-Free number from Mexico by simply changing the prefix. There is one problem: the call is not free. You can still make the call, even if it doesn’t go through. Here are some substitutes. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP can be used to make your international call. Although you may need Ajoxi, it allows you to place free calls worldwide. It increases your chances that your call will get accepted by the caller identification function. you can also read our blog about China Virtual Number.

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