Virtual Phone Number Philippines

Virtual Phone Number Philippines

A virtual phone number works just like a regular, real phone number. Virtual numbers don’t connect to any phone line, SIM card, or physical phone line. You can make and receive calls with the free apps available for Android and iOS on your smartphone or laptop. You will get the same experience if you call your Call Nation as a regular local number. When you make phone calls from your telephone number, people who answer will see your number.

Uses of Virtual Phone Number Philippines

Here’s how you can get your Philippines telephone number. You can have a voice response added to your phone number. You need to add Premium to your number. This allows access to the Voice apps. You can quickly create menus to send to callers with help of Prepaid Mall, voicemails, or announcements. You can create text-to-speak messages that will be played to callers using text-to-speech. Simply type the message, and it will be converted to an audio message. You can also record audio messages or upload audio files with your smartphone. Call recording is included with any Business Package. Premium subscribers get call recording for free.

About Virtual Phone Number Philippines

You can turn on call recording for all calls in the company, on all phone numbers and users, or you can only activate call recording per line. Only calls from business customers can be recorded on numbers that are part of the Business Package or with Premium. By using our Android, iOS, and web apps, you can make calls to your virtual Philippines phone number. With one click, import your regular mobile contacts to the app. You can then call anyone you know.

Your number is visible to anyone you call. You have two options: show one of the Sonetel numbers or your regular cell phone number. Virtual Phone Number Philippines has some area codes 325 area code, 330 area code . Calls to local numbers will result in you being charged at the local rates. you can also read our blog about Virtual Number.

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